Applications, Service and Support Team

Nanosurf has always been known for excellent customer support. From technical troubleshooting and training to applications support, we strive to make your SPM experience a success. Our application scientists are expert AFM users with many years of imaging and spectroscopy experience with a variety of AFMs. If you need a new AFM, our team can help you choose the instrument that best suits your needs.

How does Nanosurf's customer service stand out?

  • Direct connection with a human member of staff (not a robot), during business hours.
  • Reply to support requests by email usually within 1 business day.
  • Repairs are taken care of within 2 weeks of confirmation.
  • All support staff are experts in AFM and have advanced science degrees.

Nanosurf's customer support vision

  • Helping our customers achieve their research goals by providing advice and user training.
  • Provide a personalized experience with the availability of customized solutions to suit your application.
  • Nanosurf believes that true service begins in the sales process by helping choose the correct instrument for the application and requirements.

Meet our Service & Support team

Dr. Christian Bippes
Application and service scientist

Biochemist by education. PhD and postdoc on high-resolution AFM and single molecule force spectroscopy in the group of Prof. Daniel Müller before joining Nanosurf in 2013.

Dr. Sujit Dora
Technical sales and support

Physicist by education with a PhD in electrochemical AFM/STM in Prof. Olaf Magnussen's group. Has been working in the field of AFM since 2003.

Dr. Patrick Frederix
Application and service scientist

Physist by education with a PhD on fluorescence microscopy. Learnt AFM in the group of Prof. Andreas Engel, and gathered experience in high-resolution imaging, single molecule spectroscopy and combined AFM-SECM before joining Nanosurf in 2010.

Dr. Sebastian Gödrich
Application and service scientist

Polymer Chemist with expertise in combining AFM with electrical/electrochemical measurement techniques for the manipulation and characterization of thin films and nanostructures.

Junhui Liu
Technical Sales and Support Engineer, China

Chemist with technical AFM, application support, and sales experience since 2012.

Dr. Edward Nelson
Technical Sales and Support Scientist

Experimental nano-biophysicist who started using AFM as a postdoctoral fellow to study single-molecule translocations through synthetic nanopores.

Dr. Henrik Peisker
Application and service scientist

Biologist by education who worked on cell mechanics and AFM-based imaging and spectrosocpy for more than 7 years before joining Nanosurf in 2016.

Dr. Roland Sachser
Application and service scientist

Physicist by education with expertise in nanostructuring, electrical transport measurements and using AFM for imaging of nanostructures.

Dr. Denis Vasyukov
Application and service scientist

Physicist, PhD in low temperature magneto-optical transport. Postdoc in development of magnetic SPM sensors (nano-SQUIDs) and scanning magnetic imaging. Expert in scanning microwave microscopy (SMM).

Zhengchen Su
Application and service scientist

Biomedical scientist by education; worked on AFM-based imaging on cells, exosomes and nanoparticles and used single molecule force spectroscopy to characterize membrane protein on live cells.

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