Nanosurf's AFM Experts

As a global frontrunner in the design of atomic force microscopes, Nanosurf brings an unparalleled depth of expertise to the field, boasting an average of over 15 years of AFM experience across our development, applications, service, and sales teams. Our mission is to optimize AFM technology to meet your unique needs.

Our sales representatives are not just salespeople; they are experts in the field of atomic force microscopy, many holding PhDs in related disciplines. They are equipped to guide you through the intricate process of selecting the ideal instrument tailored to your specific requirements. With their guidance and the collective support of our seasoned team, you're not just buying an AFM — you're investing in a solution uniquely suited to your needs. Should a ready-made solution not exist, we are committed to developing a customized system tailored to your application.

Comprising a dedicated cadre of physicists and engineers, our in-house Research & Development team is the driving force behind our relentless pursuit of innovation. They work tirelessly to not only refine our existing range of instruments, scan heads, stages, and accessories but also to pioneer new technologies that set industry standards. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that Nanosurf remains at the cutting edge of AFM technology, always poised to adapt to your ever-changing needs. Whether it's developing more precise scan heads or engineering stages with greater flexibility, our R&D team is focused on creating solutions that anticipate the future challenges of atomic force microscopy.