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Nanosurf's Mission

In 1997 Nanosurf defined ease of use in scanning probe microscopy by miniaturizing the size of an STM from room-size to coffee table size. Since then, the Swiss-based company has matured into one of the leading innovators in the market for atomic force microscopes. Providing continually evolving instrument platforms for both life science applications and materials science research, as well as large-scale customized industrial solutions used in production lines with very demanding accuracy-specification.

Nanosurf will continue to focus development efforts on new measurement modes and technologies that make AFM an easier, faster, and more reliable tool in the areas of research it is already an established technology. It is also our mission to bring AFM to an ever-increasing range of application areas by making our instruments and software as intuitive as old-school technologies like optical microscopy.

 Our values


We fully utilize our competence, infrastructure, knowledge and culture to provide solid, fit-for-purpose products delivering sustainable success to our customers.


We recognize and value the contribution of each individual team member and the scientific community. We create an environment with diversity of thought where people and ideas can flourish.


Honesty and clarity form the foundations of trust in all our interactions.
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