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Nanosurf AFMs are used for applications ranging from material characterizations to biological samples like live cells. On this page you can find publications that feature data obtained using Nanosurf atomic force microscopes. Click on the images to read more about each publication, or filter the results by using the tabs below.

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Other publications

FluidFM: Precise fluidic positioning and delivery platform with applications in cell biology and soft matter

AFM nano‐mechanical study of the beating profile of hiPSC‐derived cardiomyocytes beating bodies WT and DM1

Gold Layers on Elastomers near the Critical Stress Regime

Nanomechanical probing of thin-film dielectric elastomer transducers

Electrospraying and ultraviolet light curing of nanometer-thin polydimethylsiloxane membranes for low-voltage dielectric elastomer transducers

CoreAFM: Research-Grade AFM Platform with Application Modularity

Long-term imaging of cellular forces with high precision by elastic resonator interference stress microscopy

Method for lateral force calibration

Global perspectives of nanoscience and engineering education

High performance all-small-molecule solar cells: engineering the nanomorphology via processing additives

Colloidal Properties of Recombinant Spider Silk Protein Particles

Morphology and conductivity of Au films on polydimethylsiloxane using (3-mercapto-propyl) trimethoxy silane (MPTMS) as an adhesion promoter

Quantification of Fewer than Ten Copies of a DNA Biomarker without Amplification or Labeling

Deformability Assessment of Waterborne Protozoa Using a Microfluidic-Enabled Force Microscopy Probe

An Intensive Short Course on Atomic-Force Microscopy

Defect Engineering As a Versatile Route to Estimate Various Scattering Mechanisms in Monolayer Graphene on Solid Substrates

Siloxane-based thin films for biomimetic low-voltage dielectric actuators

Integration of Magnetoresistive Sensors with Atomic Force Microscopy Cantilevers for Scanning Magnetoresistance Microscopy Applications

Force-Controlled Patch Clamp of Beating Cardiac Cells

Das didaktische Potential der Rastertunnelmikroskopie in der Hochschullehre

Redox Levels of Dithiols in II–VI Quantum Dots vis-à-vis Photoluminescence Quenching: Insight from Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy

Non-contact-mode AFM induced versus spontaneous formed phenytoin crystals: the effect of layer thickness

The effects of the growth pressure and annealing conditions on perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of sputtered NdFeCo films on Si(111)

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