Nanosurf works with many international partners, ranging from universities to industry to the public sector, on cutting edge scientific advancements, new types of applications for AFM and related technologies, and public projects, e.g. to establish nanotechnology networks.

Nanoinitiative Bayern

Cluster Nanotechnologie
Nanoinitiative Bayern

Major objective of the Cluster's work is the continuous development of a nanotechnology competence network for an efficient transfer of latest R&D-results into marketable products as well as the promotion of cooperations aiming at concrete projects. The Nanoinitiative Bayern is responsible for the cluster management.

European Soft Matter Infrastructure

EUSMI provides the community of European soft-matter researchers with an open-access infrastructure as a platform to support and extend their research, covering characterization, synthesis, and modeling.

As one of the 15 partners, Nanosurf will provide transnational access to a Flex-ANA system in Langen, Germany. This system is an automated solution for AFM-based nanomechanical analysis.
More about Flex-ANA.

NFP4CryoEM project
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

The ‘Manipulating and Harvesting of Cell Components for Cryo-Electron Microscopy (NFP4CryoEM)’ project with TU Delft concerns advances in cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). This technology makes it possible to depict the three-dimensional organisation of an individual ‘vitrified’ cell at nanometre level. The project uses AFM to make better samples by directly extracting specific components from the cell, and preparing them for research.
Cytosurge and Nanosurf have a long-standing and successful history together establishing FluidFM® system solutions, resulting in more than 40 publications generated by 30+ systems in leading universities around the globe.

This premium partnership provides the best possible FluidFM® experience to end-users with a Nanosurf AFM. About Flex-FPM.


Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency. Its role is to promote science-based innovation in the interests of industry and society in Switzerland.

Nanosurf is involved in several Innosuisse projects (formerly CTI/KTI) in cooperation with other partners such as ETH, EPFL and the University of Basel.

Nano in Germany e.V.

Nanotechnology is a cross-sectional technology spanning various branches of the economy. Worldwide nanotechnology is seen as the hope for the future in developing highly efficient and sustainable production methods as well as products. On the long run these may contribute to the solution of global urgent issues for the future. Examples can be found in medical engineering, lightweight construction, energy supply, water filtration and many others.

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