Application & technical notes

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Variable magnetic field sample holder

The variable magnetic field sample holder (VMFSH) is an accessory for Nanosurf’s CoreAFM, FlexAFM and DriveAFM. The VMFSH enables AFM measurements in a variable in-plane magnetic field.

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In-situ study of anti-wear tribofilm formation

Prashant Mittal and Nitya Nand Gosvami, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Tribofilms Tribofilms are thin tribochemical films formed under high contact pressure and temperature at...

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Piezo-response Force Microscopy (PFM)

Piezo Response Force Microscopy (PFM) The word “piezo” is derived from the Greek word piezein, meaning “to press tightly”. Piezoelectricity is the ability of a material to convert mechanical...

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CleanDrive: Photothermal Excitation of the Cantilever

Nanosurf introduces CleanDrive - a clean and reliable way to oscillate an AFM cantilever using photothermal excitation. CleanDrive uses a near IR 785 nm laser aimed at the base of the cantilever to...

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