Looking back on two decades of scanning probe microscopy



On June 4, Nanosurf was founded in the town of Liestal (Switzerland) by Dominik Brändlin, Lukas Howald and Robert Sum
The first easyScan STM is presented at the STM97 conference in Hamburg (Germany)
Nanosurf is awarded the “Start-up Label” by the federal commission for technology and innovation (CTI)
CTI certified



NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory selects Nanosurf AFM for Mars mission
Nanosurf joins cooperation with the Institutes of Microtechnology (Neuchatel) and Physics (Basel)
Nanosurf is awarded the innovation prize by the Swiss cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft



The first easyPLL is presented
The 100th easyScan STM is released



Nanosurf is awarded the Swiss Technology Award by the Swiss federal industry agency
The easyScan atomic force microscope is introduced to the market
Swiss Technology Award



Launch of the easyScan DFM



Nanosurf moves into new premises (Tenum building)



The easyScan E-Line is introduced
Nanosurf receives the 2003 SME Entrepreneurial Award by the Chamber of Commerce of the Cantons of Basel-Landschaft and Basel-Stadt
SME entrepreneurial award



The first Mobile S AFM is released
The easyPLL plus is introduced



The 500th easyScan STM is sold to the Institute of Physics, Seton Hall University (NJ), USA
Nanosurf announces the release of its Easyscan 2 series



The automated Nanite AFM is released
The Mobile S Cordless Edition is launched as the first truly portable, battery-powered AFM



Nanosurf receives Swiss Technology Award for the Nanite AFM system
Launch of NASA’s Phoenix Mars Probe carrying an AFM of Nanosurf design, made at the Universities of Neuchatel and Basel
Nanosurf is recognized by the Swiss Venture Club for its innovation and entrepreneurship
Swiss technology award



Nanosurf starts direct sales in Switzerland
Successful landing of the Phoenix Mars Probe and first AFM images from another planet
Nanosurf establishes its own subsidiary in the US (Greater Boston area)
FlexAFM is initiated
Nanosurf Inc. (Boston)



Dr. Urs Matter is joining Nanosurf as CEO
Phoenix Mars Lander team wins 2009 Swigert Award



Nanosurf delivers its 1000th STM to German high school
Inverted Microscope and Scanning Thermal/Nano-TA Options extend the capabilities of the FlexAFM
100th FlexAFM is built



Nanosurf announces Hzs-Nanosurf Sino-foreign joint venture
Nanosurf establishes its own subsidiary in Germany (Frankfurt/Langen)
Nanosurf moves headquarters to new office location (Futuro Liestal) to match company growth
Nanosurf receives ISO certification
LensAFM is launched
Nanosurf GmbH (Frankfurt/Langen)



Nanosurf releases the NaioSTM and NaioAFM for the education market
Nanosurf establishes its own subsidiariy in China
Nanosurf China (Shanghai)



FluidFM is officially launched to convert the FlexAFM into a unique, new micro-manipulation tool for single-cell biology



The Easyscan 2 AFM and STM are discontinued in favor of their Naio counterparts
The C3000 controller replaces the Easyscan 2 controller for 24-bit accuracy and control
Nuomedis is founded to develop a cancer diagnostic solution



Nanosurf releases the FlexAM 5 scan head, with Z-position sensor and high-precision, low-noise photodetector
Nanosurf celebrates its 18th birthday
Update of corporate design



Launch of AFSEM in cooperation with GETec



Launch of the webshop for AFM accessories and tools
Launch of CoreAFM complete system solution



Nanosurf opens an office in New Delhi, India