Prof. Tomaso Zambelli

Prof. Tomaso Zambelli on FluidFM

At the Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics (ETH Zurich) we have been using the Nanosurf’s Flex-FPM system since the very early days of FluidFM®. Together with Cytosurge, SmartTip and Nanosurf we developed this technology establishing several applications from cell adhesion, colloidal spectroscopy, force-controlled SICM and patch clamp, to local chemical cell stimulation. On the other hand, together with the Institute of Microbiology (ETH Zurich, Prof. Vorholt) we pioneered single-cell protocols like injection, extraction and isolation. Our results are well-received by the scientific community because of their originality stimulating ideas for experiments never attempted before. In this groundbreaking phase the Nanosurf team constantly supported us with interest, competence, and flexibility relying on their long-dated AFM experience.