Dr. C. Hille & Dr. P. Roder

Laser-based fluorescence microscopy is one of the key techniques we apply for unravelling intracellular signalling pathways in complex living tissues. Its unique combination with the Flex-FPM allows us to precisely manipulate specific target sites to gain access to the cellular physiology at single cell or even single molecule level. We highly value Nanosurf's contribution in establishing the FluidFM technology in our lab, as well as their exceptional FluidFM know-how and continued support. With this technology, our scientific work has significantly advanced and new research topics are sure to come up.

Dr. Carsten Hille & Dr. Phillip Roder, University of Potsdam, Dept. Physical Chemistry

Dr. Carsten hille on FluidFM
Schematic representation of the AFM micropipette frontloading procedure (P. Roder & C. Hille in PLoS ONE 10(12): e0144157)


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