Performance without compromise

The DriveAFM, Nanosurf‘s new flagship instrument, utilizes the latest technology to deliver stable, high-end performance. It was designed to fulfill the needs of top notch research, today and in the future.

 CleanDrive: stable excitation in air and liquid
 Ultra-low noise
 Direct drive: high-res imaging & large scan area
 Fully motorized system: full control via software

This video shows the summary of the introductory webinar about the DriveAFM. You will see the main topics that are discussed in the full webinar. Get access to the full 30 minute webinar by submitting your details on the right.

The DriveAFM scan head on an inverted microscope, next to a high-resolution topography image of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) adsorbed to mica in buffer solution. Several dsDNA strands can be observed. All of them show a characteristic periodic pattern.

The DriveAFM scan head as a stand-alone setup, with a measurement of the atomic lattice of mica (imaged in air). Image size: 7 nm.

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