Electrochemical AFM with rod-like samples: Cu deposition on a commercial Pt electrode

A unique feature of the Nanosurf Electrochemistry Stage ECS 204 is the capability to handle both flat and rod-like samples for simultaneous AFM and electrochemical measurements. This capability is exemplified here by an in situ electrochemical AFM experiment showing copper electrodeposition and stripping on a commercial rod-like platinum electrode.

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Electrochemical AFM on copperclusters deposited on platinum

The figure on the left shows an in situ AFM image of a polished platinum surface covered with electrochemically deposited copper clusters as measured in 1 mM CuSO4 + 50 mM H2SO4. After scanning the upper half of the frame, the electrode potential was changed to a value corresponding to dissolution of copper clusters. The horizontal green line indicates the position of potential change. The lower part of the image shows the platinum surface free of copper clusters. For more details, please refer to Application Note PDF.

Nanosurf application note AN00964